Thursday, November 17

in case

last year, August, I became one of those people who owns a smartphone, and therefore I had to also acquire accessories to surround the smartphone.

one of which was this lovely iPhone case.

I like it. it's simple, not bulky, not boring. it tends to get plenty of compliments.

the scuffs it acquired gave the thing character, mostly.

but then it started seriously splintering at the top left back corner. dad lent me some superglue and that took care of it... until the glue gradually chipped away.

and then this happened to the plastic bits framing the buttons.

and the bottom corner started to chip, too.

and then a whole sliver of the edge split off.

I'm still somewhat attached to this case, and I don't really want to muster up the batch of first-world energy it would take to go shopping for a new one yet, but all these splinters will probably get dangerous at some point. 

the question is, will I want to replace this old bent and breaking accessory with one from the same line, or will I want something totally new? 

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