Thursday, November 3

all the sushi

I might love it if somebody decided to pay me to review all the sushi ever. what a daunting and delicious task that would be. 

alas, today I am only able to review some of the sushi. particularly, some of the sushi served at Maru Sushi in West Lafayette, Indiana.  

the first time I sat down to sushi at this place was with friend Sherri, I think. that seems like a long time ago now. since then, I've been there quite often with friends and dates and colleagues. next time any of you dear readers wants to go out for sushi, call me up and let's go. 

Maru's new location (across the street from its old location) is gorgeous: much bigger, less cramped, with nice booths and lovely big windows on one side. friend Sam and I went there today and ordered a quartet of rolls to share while we talked about all the dissertation prospectus thinking we've been trying to do lately. it was so lovely and good--as sushi usually always is. 

here's what we ordered and how I liked it:

Rainbow roll (California roll topped with avocado, tuna, salmon, tilapia, and white tuna) 
I'll never not love the Rainbow roll. it's beautiful. it comes with variety built into its stripes. so good.

Sunday Morning roll (Deep-fried roll with salmon and cream cheese topped with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo)
I was brave with the spicy mayo on this one. it was worth it. not my most favourite, but good.

White Night roll (Crab salad, salmon, and cucumber inside topped with white tuna, flying fish egg)
another beautifully constructed thing, this one. it was probably my favourite of the four. 

Yam Yam roll (Deep-fried sweet potato inside topped with teriyaki sauce)
the best vegetarian roll I can remember ever having. it's simple, but I love it. 

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