Wednesday, April 22

twentytwo: not drowning

last Friday I walked up to the house through a small stream of water. it trickled charmingly down our steps, along the edge of the walkway, and down the hill to Ferry Street. having a waterfall in the front yard was kind of neat, aesthetically. not so neat in terms of water conservation though.

on Sunday, after a pair of grumbly young men spent a few hours digging in the rain, our yard looked like this:
some of that giant deep puddle might have been collected from spring showers... but most if it was running water from a mysteriously leaking pipe.

yesterday there was a huge trench across the yard, and the already cracked, crooked walkway had been torn in half.

today, it looks like this:
a hideous, muddy, chewed up mess.

but at least it's all fixed, I think, and the water pressure is back to normal at last.

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