Saturday, April 4

four: pairs

I have taken a break from the piles of reading and notes and exam prompts my brain is sifting through today and moved to a sunny little spot on the carpet in the middle of my bedroom floor.

what to write about here, this fine Saturday?
perhaps about a different Saturday. one from about two months ago.
there were homemade loaves of bread, proofreading projects, and pottery lessons (among many other things). the pottery is the part I have photographs of now. the bread got eaten, the proofs got emailed back with red comments all down one side. these I get to keep, though.

Lala Gallery & Studio is right next to the most fabulous candy store in town. the owner is delightful and friendly and kind. she will be very patient with your perfectionist tendencies and gaping inexperience with clay.

these two little bowls are the results of my pottery project that day. one pound and a half of clay plus an hour, more or less, of rolling and flattening and designing and gently forming this stuff into the right size and shape. 

then I left the finished bowls there while they dried, and Angela (or Lala, whichever version of the name you want to use) glazed them raspberry for me. it took me weeks and weeks to make time to go back to the gallery and pick them up. aren't they lovely? I am going to eat ice cream out of them.

I might have to wait til after the semester to visit again and make another pottery project. but I want to go back. why not? I could totally use a handmade flowerpot or two. anyone want to come with?


Nic S said...

Me me!

amelia chesley said...

you should! come see Indiana and we will have adventures.