Saturday, December 21

beautiful places and seasons and things

tomorrow I shall revisit the lovely airport where for weeks and weeks they've had this lovely Christmas display up, right in the middle of the lobby between concourse A and concourse B. I didn't get any better photos of it. trust me, the tree and its sparkles are lovely, despite being locked up behind such state-of-the-art crowd-management technology. and yes, I am overusing the word "lovely" in a probably-annoying fashion. so what?
airports by themselves make me very happy, but seeing Christmas greenery and beautiful lights somehow adds to it. with any luck I'll have just enough time (after the end of our last matinee, the striking of the set, and a quick farewell to my fellow cast members on my way out of town) to enjoy the sight tomorrow evening. with any luck the weather will behave long enough for me to hop west to Denver, and west again to Salt Lake City.

while I'm home, I hope to spend significantly more time in the kitchen and at the piano than with this keyboard in my lap. there are also mountain sunrises to soak in, ice-skating rinks to visit, a few snowy hills to sled down, sushi to enjoy, and games to play with old friends and family. I trust the internet won't miss me much.

I also have this stack of proofs to get through, little by little. reading is another thing that makes me very happy--but reading with a red pencil in my hand is even better.

someday soon, I need to blog about this beautiful thing I acquired as a white elephant gift. friend Sam (who keeps quite a nice blog himself) rescued it from a thrift store and gave it to me at our cohort pre-Christmas turkey dinner last week.

a typewriter, especially an electric one like this with no ribbon, is a fairly useless thing to own, but goodness isn't its clean archaic plastic shape just lovely? I'll spend a whole post gushing about it one of these days. (note to self: this is what the sound of your typewriter reminds you of.)

maybe it's just the soft, fuzzy wake of a very rigorous semester, but I find myself lately in the throes of a wonderfully indescribable and unwreckably good mood. let it last. let it spread. make the last ten days of the year everything happy.


Shelley said...

Typewriters are not useless. It is fairly easy to get ribbon for it.

Happy Christmas

amelia chesley said...

maybe I'll get around to that sometime. it would be neat to write little notes and letters with the thing.