Friday, November 1


I am endlessly glad that autumn comes every year.
these grey, chill days are the most gorgeous kind.
yesterday, on my way home, I took these and many more photographs, reveling in the loveliness of all the colors.
autumn is trying to drown the 5th Street sidewalks in red leaves.
I won't try to adequately describe all the senses wrapped up in this autumn so far. the damp smells, the brisk/cozy contrast of stepping in and out your front door. the pale sky behind everything else. some trees bright, some faint, all increasingly bare. hopefully you have autumn where you are, and you can soak it all up for yourself.
it isn't cold enough for snow or dry enough for dead grass. it isn't winter yet. 
everything is just slowly being plastered with tree-confetti, damp and sticky from all the rain.


Patti said...

This is lovely.

Janeheiress said...

That's so beautiful! It must be nice to see the entirety of the changing seasons (although I'll stick with my Texas heat)

Jackie Chesley said...

I feel like this was my first true autumn and I love it! Apple picking, cider, beautiful trees! The list could go on and on.

amelia chesley said...

it is, it is glorious and lovely.