Thursday, July 18

oh so resourceful

I made some yarn out of old t-shirts. they were old. they were dying anyway. a few were much too big for me. one had a subtle stain in the middle.

but now they've been upcycled into little balls of stretchy string. I think I will enjoy working with this fabric yarn much more than I did the plastic kind.

so now all I need are some ideas for fitting crochet projects.

this yarn is a bit stiff and slightly on the thick side, not as soft or as flimsy as wool, so I'm thinking something that needs to be sturdy or durable. washcloths? baskets? jewelry? what do you think?


Rachel Baumann said...

T-shirt yarn actually makes very good rugs, from what I understand. But washcloths would be good too.

amelia chesley said...

ah, rugs! I wonder if I have enough for that?