Friday, February 15

place, space, media, crazinesses

I am in Albuquerque. I have been here since Wednesday, listening to a collection of academics/nerds discuss all sorts of stuff--from the pedagogical possibilities of alternate reality games to the sense of holistic dualism felt by athletes of all kinds. yeah, it's weird.

somehow I acquired a cool little iPod touch thing for my birthday a few months ago, and it is with this magical tool I am composing this blogpost. I have no real idea what the thing will look like... composing in such a different mode and context feels a tiny bit risky. maybe I shouldn't worry. call this post an experiment in multi-modal literacy. or something.
I'll save more detailed thoughts on my first academic conference for later when I have a normal keyboard to play with. for now, I present these photographs of the bits of town I and my iPod-camera have seen so far.


Chris said...

Where's that last one?

amelia chesley said...

it is a little walkway under a bridge, and at night the lights change colors really fancy-like. I thought it was pretty awesome.