Friday, December 28

double or

friend Kimberly (the more recent Texas one, not the dear, long-ago Canada one) is a most brilliant, fabulous, genius foodie. she is one of those people who seems intimidatingly cool, you know? you are almost afraid to be friends with her because her awesomeness is just overpowering (and look, this Kimberly has a blog too).
friend Kimberly, being so genius and such, once upon a time concocted a recipe for an exquisite and award-winning double chocolate tart. her original version is raspberry, and you can read all about its chocolatey award-winningness here. last year I concocted an impersonation of Kimberly's tart for my birthday.
friend Kimberly would probably be horrifically disappointed that I had to make my version in a glass pie dish instead of a tart pan, and that I didn't actually use real Callebaut chocolate, and that I left out the raspberry liquor. but at least this year I replaced it with peppermint extract.
mm. this may become a tradition. I shall, perhaps, be concocting impersonations of friend Kimberly's beautiful double chocolate tart every year for the rest of my life. and maybe trying to take smittenkitchen-esque photographs of them, too.
friend Kimberly's recipe is a simple and brilliant recipe, and so far it's handled my manipulations without complaint. I love it. thank you, dear friend Kimberly, for publishing this small section of your culinary genius and allowing me--kitchen amateur that I am--to run in such crazy directions with it.


Nicola Swann said...

This looks epic.

amelia chesley said...

oh. yes.
you should make one if you ever get a chance.
it is a thing to almost rival tiffin.