Thursday, November 22

ultimate connectedness

it's Thanksgiving week. I am still in Texas. I am swimming around in thick puddles of academic craziness. research. grading. phd applications. in between all the meaningless panicking, I have a million things to be grateful for.

to start with (and perhaps to end with, since it is quite late at the moment), I shall quote my new friend/colleague Kristin (she has a blog, too, like all the cool people), who posted the following on facebook the other week:
"I'm thankful to be a teacher, which is ultimately the opportunity to be a lifelong student."

that is why I just want to stay here in academia forever and learn stuff. sharing knowledge (through conversation or teaching or writing or whatever) is what life is all about. and there are so many interesting questions to ask.

during a bit of rambly exploratory research the other night, I came across this blogpost about literacies, which included this video about 'education and why we're alive and stuff', which was made by an author named John Green as part of of an interesting videoblogging project he and his brother (Hank Green, who is making this other videoblogging project) began five years ago.

and Mr. Green's vlog about education and why we're alive and how we make sense of the universe with literature and with math and with each other reminded me of this old blogpost of mine, in which I muse thoughtfully about first my family, and then also the differences between the humanities and the sciences.

gratitude. thankfulness. sharing. why we're alive and stuff.


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