Saturday, October 27

deeply fanatic

I am writing a literature review.

I haven't really ever done that before... but it's an interesting process. I am asking questions and digging up possible places to find the answers. things I'm finding out: what has been written about copyright laws? how are the arguments surrounding all these shifting laws, norms, attitudes, technologies, and policies constructed? what themes might we find in the ways academics and others write about intellectual property, its value, and its place in our increasingly global culture?


asking questions is awesome.

I've noticed that most of the articles I've looked at focus on case studies. lots of legal journals analyzing the precedent for this or that or picking apart the history of where and when. case studies. anecdotes. narratives in the service of argument. I'm hoping something in here will grab me and drag my poor graduate-student brain in the direction of an awesome 25-page seminar paper for Argumentation Theory.

somewhat relatedly--this blogpost considering stories as arguments is fascinating. if you haven't seen The Sixth Sense, don't go read it. find a few hours to watch The Sixth Sense first, and then come back so you can read Jim Hull's thoughts. his entire site seems pretty neat. storyfanatic. hm. dear universe: can I please be that cool when I grow up?

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