Wednesday, August 1

longingly and shortingly

months and months back, I created this thing. for a class. it sprouted uncontrollably out of a fledgeling preoccupation with a certain someone and his increasingly important-seeming emails. I was quite proud of it when it was finished, and naturally I showed it off to nearly everyone I know.

coincidentally, around this very same time, I stumbled across the announcement for an information design contest. hm, I said to myself. I just designed a bunch of information. visualized a set of data, even. I could submit this. and so, with permission from the fellow whose emails I spent so much time word-counting last March and April, and a donation from my dear, admiring writing group in hand to cover the entry fee, I sent my little timeline chart in for assessment by the official Information is Beautiful panel of 7 judges.

then I finished the semester, survived finals, went to Europe, came home, got busy with class and work and summer, and near the middle of July remembered that the Information is Beautiful people would be posting their longlist of finalists any day now. so I checked. and kept checking. and waited.

just last week, mere days ago, they finally posted it.

I scrolled through the tall thumbnails without a crazy amount of hope. they'd had a whole thousand entries after all, and I knew mine was sure to be relatively simple. nicely arranged, but definitely not overly impressive. and compiled from irrelevant personal details nobody would ever really care much about.

but my timeline of emails was there in the data visualization section among these 110 other awesome specimens of visual information design. go check them out. be fascinated.

the shortlist will be up in a week or so (unless it isn't. the longlist took a few weeks more than originally predicted, so I'm not exactly holding my breath). cross your fingers for me, eh?


We Krazy Knuts said...

Look how good you are!!! Totally awesome!

e said...

well done! woot woot! consider my fingers crossed.

amelia c said...

:) you guys are great. thank you thank you.

Deb said...

That's cool!

amelia c said...

isn't it?