Sunday, July 22



Leucophyllum said...

I'm intrigued...could you explain more?

amelia c said...

hm.. I don't know. can I? my doodles usually come with an 'interpret them how you will' caveat. and I don't know how long ago I drew it or in response to what kind of sunday lesson. perhaps the speaker was making distinctions between all of these things.

now that I look at it... you could define any of these words in a few different ways, so is there really a difference, or is it a difference we just paint in for ourselves? they do often say that faith is a verb. that your faith must be acted on to be proven real (like James talks about, I suppose...) maybe 'wanting' and 'desiring' don't feel very different, and maybe 'believing' and 'having faith' don't either.... but maybe if we think about them differently it might motivate us to do something about it. hrm.

who knows if any of that makes much sense or answers your intrigue. my interpretation doesn't mean more than anyone else's, even if I am the artist. in fact when I started the sunday scribbles tradition, I invited any and all speculation as to the sermon or my thoughts. so I should be asking you all to explain myself to me, now. heh. :p