Thursday, March 1

newly worn

I made some dresses. two.
these are horrible pictures of them.
if I knew any bored photographers, I would schedule a photo shoot, play model for an hour or so, and put better pictures of these dresses up here.

do you know any bored photographers?

there may still be time to supplement my horrible photography...

I made these at christmastime during the five weeks I had off school, and it was great fun. I used my mum's best dress pattern, which I've used for at least four dresses now, and she's used for who knows how many--a dozen? those pattern pieces are getting very wrinkled and holey from all the seamstress-love.

while I'm talking about sewing, two plugs:

check out my clever sister, who never blogs anymore but would be more than happy to hem your pants for you if you live anywhere near Ogden, Utah, and my clever friend Vera, who could probably do the same if you live anywhere near... where is it? St. Louis, or Vegas? I can't keep track. but anyway. both these girls are great, and exceedingly more talented than I am when it comes to fabric and thread. I'll stick with sketches and writing and webdesign, I guess.

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