Thursday, January 12


somehow I ended up in this airport without a pen.

I've got books, notebooks, a journal, and a handful of napkins, but nothing whatsoever to write on them with. such unpreparedness is slightly tragic.

I'd rather be scribbling on paper than on the internet, but ah well. there's a little less than an hour til we fly from here to Texas, so I'm gonna use it for blogging. aren't you all glad?

the other week my dear Radiolab did a short featuring a similar but more artsy/designy podcast called 99% Invisible. podcasts are excellent for taking up the background noise while you're doing something with your hands but not with your ears (ex: sewing. more on my sewing projects next week). I've long ago caught up on Radiolab shows, so for this bout of sewing I blazed through a good third of the 99% archives. 99% Invisible is usually much shorter than Radiolab. one episode from several months ago was all about Design for Airports. go listen. it's enlightening stuff.

relatedly, from the blog Humans in Design (which I found through 99% Invisible), here are a few more interesting thoughts on the design of airports and such.

for my own brilliant musings on the glory of airports, look back about three years. the only thing that would make this airport (Oakland. it smells so lovely here.) better for me today would be somebody charming to share my travelings with.

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