Thursday, December 15

and it's plain to see

last weekend there was a Christmas talent show at church.

for the past few years, every time there is a talent show, I've thought it would be cool to find a fellow Dr. Horrible fan and sing the duet from Act II, just for kicks.

the week before our talent show, I was talking with friend Jake about this thought, and we tentatively expressed an interest in such a performance, maybe, possibly, if the craziness of the end of the semester would permit.

thankfully, it did. we found an instrumental track. we practiced. we polled everyone we knew for costume ideas.

friend Jessica even stood in as vocal coach.

friend Danielle donated a perfect lab coat. Jake taped together an awesome pair of goggles. I donned my best hippie-chic skirt and a pair of fingerless gloves, stuck a photo of Captain Hammer in a frame, and there we were. Billy. Penny. (no, I didn't dye my hair red, but I really almost wanted to.)

friend Justin may have got our performance on film along with the rest of the talent show, but I haven't got a copy of it if he did.

here's the original track. you can use your imagination, eh?


Janeheiress said...

Awesome! I loved your performance, even if you weren't in costume the 2nd time :)

amelia c said...

thank you. i was glad to have a chance to sing it again without technical difficulties, so it was cool of you to demand a belated encore. :)