Thursday, August 18

leave it unpolished for now

I had a beautiful draft in the works, comparing All's Well That Ends Well with The Cardigan's Lovefool, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Wilco's Summer Teeth.

blogger decided not to save half of my work on that draft. I hope I have time to get back to it, sometime. my blogging schedule is going to change drastically, I expect. grad school is about swallow me whole. one week! I've got lists of books to buy. essays to dissect. but before all that, nine-hundred miles to drive.

it's tradition now, isn't it? I'm about to go on a long trip, and when I get to the end of it, I will have an even longer list of things to write about here.

first, shakespeare and the musical.

then, zucchini monsters.

those two were really supposed to be this week. I hope they don't suffer from lack of relevance once I finally get around to writing them.

I've also got posts about memory, slippers, and responsibility. what those half-formed thoughts might morph into during the coming months, I have no idea. wish me luck. I'm on the brink of a whole ocean of panic this weekend. if I fall in, will you be there to throw me a rope?

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