Saturday, July 23

not a raven, just a writing desk

these are the books I pulled off the shelves of the non-fiction section yesterday. if I'd had more time, I may have pulled off even more. fortunately, friend Jen and I were about to run away for a very random lunch date. I have enough to read.

I kind of want to make a full-size version of something like this:

 { photo borrowed from somewhere in this mess of dollhouse miniatures }

or this one (it's a little more normal-looking):

after all, one cannot rearrange furniture that does not exist in one's house. and since I've been in this empty new house for three weeks and a bit, this existential problem has started bugging me. in another week or so all the belongings from our former house will be sent down here, and then I will have plenty to arrange and rearrange. I am looking forward to that, yes.

but learning a bit of carpentry and building a writing desk of my very own would be awesome, wouldn't it? we'll see, I guess. first I'll read a few of these furniture-making books. then I will think about form and function and hardware and types of wood, make a hundred sloppy sketches and fiddly little diagrams, and figure out all other such preliminary stuff. then maybe dad can teach me how to use his table saw. or whatever saw you'd want to use to make a desk.


Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Gorgeous inspirations. Good luck!

amelia said...

thank you! we'll see if I actually get around to this any time soon. hopefully I wil.