Monday, June 13

a medley of past junes

you may have noticed an absence of writing here lately.

I am busy.

and for the nearly entire month of June, I will be hopelessly, gloriously busy working as a counselor to dozens of teenaged girls.

so if you are by chance craving the tangled tang of my strung-together prose, you are welcome to consult the following short list of old blogposts. all of them were originally published in June... just not this June of 2011.

seven stories is just right, an ode to southern california
story ammunition, all about magazines
observations on..., from that day I spent at the airport
the world is quiet here, for the love of reading aloud
hinted at, even though back then I hardly knew anything
waterslides and spoons, or alternatively, ease and beauty
absolute/absolvent, on the nature of truth, words, and me
traffic, which includes a few weird band names
philosophical grammaticality, a sort-of-review
guide and stay, about people, places, things, and change.

that should tide you over, eh?

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