Tuesday, March 15


things just don't happen all at once. I guess if you are Cinderella's fairy godmother, you can snap your fingers and have a pair of glass slippers solidify out of the air... but even that magical finger-snap presumably takes a little work, somewhere along the line.

most stuff that happens is a process. sometimes, it's an insufferably long process, with lots of thinking and deciding and planning involved.

okay, I don't really mean insufferably. but it can be hard, right? waiting for these ideas and visions to solidify just takes so long. and it can seem like it might never actually happen, after all. like maybe it is impossible for dreams to come true. maybe it's impossible for anything to ever happen the way you might like it to.

but it's not. what's impossible is going back in time. so far, no one has found a way to un-do things that have already happened. maybe in some quantum, paradoxical way, spinning your pocket watch backwards and having the hours rewind themselves is possible... but in the normal universe, once you've cracked an egg, it stays cracked. once you stubbed your toe on that chair leg, you can't exactly un-stub it. once you've spent two years dilly-dallying about going to grad school, you can't go back to 2009 and change your mind.

I have completely lost track of how and when I found the links to these fascinating videos. aren't they fascinating, though? I especially like this shorter one:

how cool of us to invent such recording devices, eh? even if we can't make time run backwards, we can at least pretend. we can snap a few fingers and watch eggs being un-cracked, strawberries un-sliced, decisions un-made, and lives un-lived.

oh, and here in case you want to be enthralled by the other two exotic courses: Scandinavian Sashimi with Reindeer and Porter Braised Ox Cheek.


Chris said...

You think I'm in denial about wanting a food blog, I think you're in denial about this being anything but a food blog.

Joking, of course. In reality, only about 85% of your philosophical ponderings end with foody thoughts. :P

amelia said...

i am not in denial. this thing could never qualify as a food blog.

wannabe food blog... perhaps.

actual food blog... nope.

Chris said...

Look, it says here in my Official Dictionary of Everything:

food blogger n. 1. a person who blogs about food. 2. Amelia Chesley.

amelia said...

psh. this post was hardly 'about food' anyway. it's really about time travel. did you read the thing, or did you just watch the videos?

Chris said...

That's my point. Even a time travel post ends on a foody note.

amelia said...

coincidence, i say!

okay, maybe not really. :p