Tuesday, February 1


this is a blurry photograph of my fortune cookies. yes, I made fortune cookies last week--and this time they turned out a million times better than the first time I tried making fortune cookies, way back when I was 12 or so, using a recipe I found in a Mulan coloring book.

the recipe I used this time came from this website, in case you want to try it someday. I compiled a page of little fortunes from a variety of sources to stick in the middle of the cookies. one of them said 'Never buy anything electrical from a flea market.' a lot of them were quotations, like this one from Frank Chimero: 'Quiet is always an option, even if everyone is yelling.' and this one from Christopher Morley: "Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do."

I didn't use up all the little fortunes I printed, so perhaps I will have to make more cookies, someday. they tasted quite lovely, even without any almond extract.


Angela Baarz said...

I printed out the recipe and I'm totally going to try it!!!!

amelia said...

it's pretty fun. you'll have to blog about it when you do... :)