Wednesday, June 23

it's not about me

last month, when Elsie and I were in LA, we met this musician.

and he's not all that famous or well known or anything, but he is incredibly talented. and he taught me everything I know about GarageBand, which since I have on this beautiful macbook, I should use, eh?

yes. and that is in the few scattered plans I am saving up for any spare summer moments I might be able to catch inbetween everything else...

anyway. his name is Rob Cox.

here is one of his newest songs.

he told us he doesn't want to be famous. he's okay not having a full-time career in music. he's okay just the way things are.

but I want him to be famous. just a little. it would be cool to have met a slightly famous musician in hollywood, right?


Sadako said...

He sounds really cool!

amelia said...

he totally is. such a nice guy. :)