Tuesday, April 6

loving lately

I love the soft, smooth clarity of Andrea Joseph's sketches. just look at those shoes. the depth. the texture. the light. it's gorgeous. she's in the process of developing and promoting a picture book. I just had to include from that the lovely excerpt below. it reminds me of home.
on Andrea's blog, she posts sketches inspired by a little artist's group called Everyday Matters. they give out little prompts, like 'draw something that floats,' or 'draw something sticky,' and then you do, and that's at least one thing you've accomplished that day. they have a flickr pool over here.

I also love the pondering forthrightness and utter lack of capitalization going on at Joshua Langlais's blog. he is a photographer. he loves people. it seems like he travels lots. so far he's got twenty whole months of photographing complete strangers behind him. how long will he keep it up?

he calls it his attempt at loving his neighbors. from his profile: "every single day, i go out into the world and seek out someone i've never before met. i introduce myself and ask them if i can photograph them."

that is pretty awesome. I started at the bottom of his little archive, and I'm up to St. Patrick's Day of last year. he makes everyone look beautiful. he even adds words most days, which makes it even better. the stories are so small and unconnected, but I love them.

I need a project like that. something to take me out of my complacent, wishful bubble and tug at my sense of purpose. someday I'll find it. for now, reading to third graders is a start...
{ images aside from this last one are the property of Andrea Joseph, Andrea Joseph,
and Joshua Langlais, respectively. cheers. }

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