Wednesday, April 21


someone asked me the other day what my hobbies were. I began a short list:  'reading... um... drawing--' before I was interrupted. 'no, no,' he said. 'I'm looking for social hobbies. stuff you can do with other people.'

and the idea of a hobby involving more than my little self struck me somewhat speechless.

because, you see, if you involve other people in anything, you are immediately obligated to do stuff like make plans. compare schedules. come to decisions. set aside specific blocks of time. commit.

you know?

and all that effort just might ruin the hobby. it might add so much stress and complication that it might not be worth it anymore.
or maybe not. not always, anyway. maybe even for those hobbies you always thought of as solitary, the addition of another person could mean something good. perhaps more fun. more random. more motivating.

but it would have to be the right person. people.

where do you find that person?


We Krazy Knuts said...

Hey, I remember that Life is Random thing. Did you make it at Bridgerland when we had a painting party? Or am I just imagining things?

amelia said...

there is a very good chance that I did make it then... that was the era of the crazy finger-painting/collage stuff. I think I still have some of the pages chelsea painted, too... maybe...