Tuesday, March 2

empty handed

today I did something I don't think I have ever done before in my life:

I walked into the library, returned an armful of books and a few videos, checked the holds shelf, discovered there is a person named Sydney who shares my last name, walked around for a minute or two, and then left.

without any books.

I had to get to work. I'm leaving the country next week. I still have five books checked out I can read. five. five is plenty for now.

everything will be okay. I know.

still, it was possibly the most surreal and antithetical moments of my existence, leaving with fewer books than I came in with.


Happy Mom said...

Sigh. There's nothing like a library! I love following along!

amelia said...

mm. libraries are always my favourite places. that one on highway K is one I'll always remember. its funny little corner windows. the tote bags they had for sale...