Tuesday, December 1

last and next

last christmas, we decorated our little tree with everything and anything we could find: ribbon, beads, and little purple rubber frogs. and of course, hand-stitched stars made from and stuffed with old nylons.

there was also a collection of candy canes we'd been given, a lovely green lei, and this little lego officer.

wristwatches, pens, carabiners and combs. it was quite a site to behold. we didn't have many presents under it, and I don't think we ever turned on its one strand of lights

the neckties were neckties we swindled away from a few missionaries in Calgary. in exchange for apple-cinnamon muffins.

so Christmas is waking up and looking at us from its spot on the calendar. the Christmas cards are underway, as you know. I've made a gallery for them over here. the three of us decorated the tree for our house on Sunday. names have been drawn. plane tickets have been bought. now I need to pull out my stash of old nylons and make more little stars.

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