Monday, November 16

let's keep going

the presentation went well. eventually I may stick my slide-show up somewhere for anyone who might be curious, but for now, all you get is one little slice.

it was a small affair, but I loved seeing Lisa and Mandy again, and meeting some of the other chapter members. they've got some cool stuff going on over there. with any luck I'll find a way to see more of them all and perhaps stay somewhat involved. who knows?

when I'd finished leading my little discussion about online portfolios and crawling through my few gathered examples, Joe (one of the other presenters) came up and asked me what font I'd used for all these slides. it's Century Gothic, a font I've always loved in sizes over 24 pt. it looks great, doesn't it? Century Gothic and that soft middling orange color just might become vital elements in my trademark style. maybe. and those curly brackets. I love those.

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