Friday, February 23

scraps of productivity

freedom is a bit worthless if you don't do anything with it. so with my copious unoccupied hours the past few months, what have i done besides get let down by innumerable seemingly glamorous job opportunities?

well, i learned how to crochet for real. i made a scarf. it is fat and red.

i will probably never wear the thing. maybe i'll give it away.

yesterday i helped mum slap nine different clocks on the wall. i'm not quite sure where she got this idea, but it is kind of cool. each one is set to a significant time (except for the last two, which are set to the time in Beijing and Sydney respectively. they just fill out the square). there's one for Idaho, where my sister, her husband, and their upcoming firstborn hang out. one for our former home in St. Louis. one for some good friends in Michigan and so forth.

mum asked me to design labels for each clock, for which she bought these nice glass picture frames. what do you think?

i am re-exploring the art of embroidery, something i taught myself after learning the much less exciting art of cross-stitch. below is a half-finished handbag i'm in the middle of constructing out of this checkered canvas-type fabric.

anyway, i hope it turns out well. i think i may find more things to embroider... for practice.

elsewhere i'm fiddling about on the piano and in my notebooks, honing my fire-building skills and appeasing my mother's desperate pleas to cook dinner for her, reading much and thinking about things. there is naturally some pressure here to get a job. earn some money. bah. money.

unless anyone wants to purchase that fat red scarf, i think i'll stick with my once weekly webdesign classes and be content. won't i?

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