Thursday, January 11

a tribe of misfits

this little blogspot is nearing its second birthday. perhaps on saturday, the day itself, i will eat some cake in honor of its glowing pointlessness.

over a year ago i wrote this in response to the ever-evolving state of web-standardization and development practices:
"Maybe I call myself a designer. Maybe I'm getting better at the technology side of it. The web is definitely a part of my little life. So what?
I'm not committed to taking the web anywhere. I'm not nearly advanced enough to be a part of that kind of development. I think the most I can hope for is that I'll someday be competent enough to contribute beauty and meaning to the world via this insanely everchanging medium. At base I am just an english major. just a writer given a tiny bit of dangerous knowledge. I don't know where that will take me."
since then i've really quit capitalizing things. i've learned that 'designer' is a word with a multitude of meanings. i've gone swimming with print media. photography. my own website has gone on a little vacation and it's been months since i've touched anyone else's. but now... now i have been given a chance to make a difference in the future of this. to shape the minds of a bunch of kids who (you never know) may grow up and be famous designers in their own way.

i shouldn't perhaps take this so seriously. a bunch of kids? famous designers? when they have so much distraction and selfishness and conflict to still to fight themselves through?

what if they hate me? (fear, anger, doubt)

patience, self. they don't all know what you know. how can they? they are not you.

at any rate i suppose i will pass on what geekism i've picked up on my way. if i'm lucky they'll all act interested or something. dad says teaching is just a higher level of learning stuff. it won't be easy.

but i'm all about learning stuff.

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