Monday, February 6

plaid subdue glinted zoology

i was surfing this morning in a sea of online sciencey magazines, and i discovered some pretty amazing demonstrations of programming coolness.

a program displaying science news from all over the web in one lovely mesh of order and disorder.
a ranking system for the most often used 86800 words in the English-speaking world, searchable by word and by rank. (the title of this entry is taken from my search of 'plaid')
understanding vorn
a program that scans and displays any image whose title starts with V, O, R, or N, updating every five minutes. (requires flash 6)

all three by jonathan j. harris, an artist.

it amazes me that such ideas have ways to manifest themselves.
now i really want to learn more scripting.

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Chris said...

Beans: 5841. Rockin'.