Tuesday, June 28

and other artists

Mr. Kershisnik (or more likely, whoever built the artist's website) makes it really hard to even link to my favourites of his paintings. I really would love to point specifically to the several enigmatic and interestingly-titled compositions that caught my interest the other day when I went traipsing through all 23 years of his gallery... but his site is all gooey and vague with php, so the links don't really copy-and-paste well at all.

Kershisnik's style didn't thoroughly please me right away--his art has such a mushy, almost washed-out look--but the more I looked, the more I grew to appreciate whatever it is that must be behind the way this guy paints. he has a way of looking at things that seems very different. but different in a way that seems very familiar. but not familiar enough to be boring.

here are a few of his pieces that I liked enough to dig their static urls out of the source code:  lovers running, one and two. spoon trick. the rain. I originally read about Brian Kershisnik over at Mormon Artist. they didn't put titles on the paintings they featured in the magazine, but I'll tell you I love the couple dancing on the small island, and also the bottom one with the girl saying I can never do it when someone is watching. there's something like an echo between certain sets of his paintings. themes, I guess. spoons. lovers. gazing. dancing. flying. I think it's cool.

speaking of artists, I am now going to mention my friend Brendan Clary, who kindly doesn't make it so hard to link to his stuff. he's even got a facebook page. how 2.0 of him, eh? this guy happens to teach pretty killer sunday school lessons and throw very neat, spontaneous parties. most impressive of all, he can paint splendid portraits, like this one. and lovely landscapes. one of my favourites of his is this view of the Jordan River Temple. I love it so much, for some reason. someday I will get my hands on a print of it, to hang on my wall. maybe.

and to round out this trio of painters, I absolutely must include Elsie Boyer. dear Elsie--she and I are great friends. she won't mind me including a copy of one of her paintings, I hope. I feel like I need at least one image to brighten this rambly post about art.
I also really like this one. Elsie's got a blog with all her best work, called embers of art. check out her painted bottles. I keep telling Elsie she should paint on the glass of an empty frame for me. that would be cool. in fact, when I head down to her part of the state in a few weeks, I may just have to cart along some empty frames from the thrift store, and officially commission her to create something marvelous. okay, Elsie? okay. awesome.


e said...

deal! I love commissions. They give me a purpose. I can't say that I'm in love with Mr. Kershisnik but Brendan Clary is absolutely amazing.

amelia said...

mhm. he is.

now i hope i don't forget to get my hands on some empty picture frames before the next two weeks go by. :)