Wednesday, November 30

stuff i learned and/or realized today

in no particular order:
  1. CSS dropdown menus (like suckerfish) can be cool but they're a pain.
  2. Another way of making dropdown menus is using pure javascript, which isn't any easier to build or code but works more easily with more browsers.
  3. Adobe InDesign is a weird way to put together composite mockups for site designs, but it works. For now.
  4. Too much code will start to eat your brain. [note to self: find out if there is an antidote for this]
  5. I love thanks bro for handing me that link.
  6. Theory is more important than technology
  7. Description (detailed, precise, comparative description) is more important than labels.
  8. Dr. Hailey knows a lot of stuff.
  9. Even people who know a lot of stuff can't read your mind.
  10. Not everyone cares about everything.
  11. I love soup.

interviewing strategies

our chapter of the Society for Technical Communication held a workshop last evening all about what to do and what not to do in order to get a job. And by "get a job" we mean sell yourself to some sort of organization in return for a salary.
important thigns to remember:
  • look nice
  • be nice
  • be prepared
  • be interested
  • ask questions
  • follow up
  • network your heart out
This all goes back to some of the marketing concepts I've read about on other blogs like gapingvoid and creating passionate users.

but it also goes back to something bigger-- people. networking is all about creating relationships. meaningful ones. but...
sometimes people are hard to care about.
so how do you make your relationships mean something? surely it isn't something that can be forced.

rely on chance to bring nice people to you?
sacrifice your soul to the devil in order to make people like you?
sacrifice your soul to the world in order to make people like you?
ask the right questions?
have the right answers?

the key to everything.
like hugh macleod says, improve the conversation. the right questions, the right answers, the right words and the right attitude.

Monday, November 28

isotope update

a while back I designed an advert to be published in the Times Literary Supplement. today I got to see my very own ad in print in the editors' copy. that made me happy.

i am going to miss working for isotope when i graduate and go away.

our next issue, volume 3.2, is almost ready to be printed and mailed. you can place a subscription or order back issues here.
in honor of the new issue, i've been working on an update of the site. it will be an lovely aqua bluish, to match the new cover. i'm excited. most of the kinks are working themselves out, and with any luck the editors will approve of what I've done and have lots of wonderful suggestions.

alumni network in progress

the link is my pseudo intro page mock up for dr. smitten's alumni club, which I've been working on lately.
i will meet with dr. smitten tomorrow to discuss the little progress I've made. I am slightly nervous about it, but I'm sure it will go well enough. I just hope they like what I've done so far. Although I am of course prepared to change it endless times until it's perfect.

like clockwork, a screenplay

An old friend of mine and I recently got back in touch after three years. He's making a movie--a little animated flick about a girl and her destiny etc etc. He let me read the screenplay.

It's fairly good. He wants me to be involved on some level, and I am of course enchanted by the idea. We'll see if it goes anywhere.

Friday, November 18

number five - comprehensive edit

in professional editing we're doing a group project on this rather unattractive thing. we were pretending to work on it this afternoon during the last half of class.

what i was really doing was... this. it's not anywhere close to finished at all. but genius-kid micah soelberg, who is in my group, who knows every design program you possibly can know, noticed it and asked to see the code. genius micah, looking at my code! looking at my code, judging my code. yikes. he was pleased to see no tables used for layout. he liked the clean white design. he might possibly have been impressed that i was working on it for no class, no assignment, but just because.

i wonder if the content will be as impressive as the skeleton the site is now?
i wonder what webspace i'm going to put it on after i graduate?

Thursday, November 10

okay, how many plates is this now?

webrelated projects:
1. my own dear portfolio redesign
2. dear chris's own fatmanintweed site
3. alumni club site for dr. smitten
4. english dept. site redesign proposal
5. comprehensive editing of professional writing site for dr. hailey
6. interview process for kairos coverweb assistant editor position
7. update for

this seems like a lot.

and yet it doesn't... despite the fact that most of it i'm trying to get done all at the same time.
my review of the seven webtexts for kairos is due by monday. i haven't started yet.

lucky i don't work saturday, eh?

Thursday, November 3

deranged rearrangements

i have had, for the past few weeks, a strong urge to rearrange my apartment.
last night i convinced my roommates that we should do it.

it's a bit crazy. we still need to tweak things. but i like it. change is good. it keeps things exciting. it keeps me from getting bored. it keeps my brain alive.
Kathy Sierra said
If you want to keep your brain alive, you have to do things your brain doesn't expect.
here's a cool site she links to.

now of course, in a few months my brain will come to expect the crazy new setup of my living quarters, so i'll have to change it again. fun fun.